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Dance On Screen Artists 2018

Grafik: Luca Morganti

Mit Freude blicken wir den Filmen der Dance On Screen Artists 2018 entgegen:

Aliki Chiotaki (GRE), Allison Beda (CA), Ana Luz Bullon (ESP), Annabella Lenzu (USA), Augenblick (IT), César Brodermannn (USA), Dagmar Dachauer (AT), Attila Damokos (HU), Denislav Kanev (DE), Gianpaolo Bigoli/Francesca Ruggerini (IT), Jan Vesala/Antoinette Helbing (DK), Jordan James Bridge (GBR), Daša Grgič/Luca Quaia (IT), Marcell Andristyák (HU), Marta Renzi (USA), Tóth Mátyás/Csilla Nagy (HU), Melissa Priske (HU), Michele Manzini (IT), Mitchell Rose (USA), Nathan Smith/Max Pollard (AUS/JP), Nicola Hepp (NL), Nicole Seiler (CH), Roswitha Chesher (GBR), Salvatore Insana (IT), Sasha Diga (GRE), Réka Szabó (HU), Taneli Törmä (DK), Viktor Horváth (HU), Vito Alfarano (IT), Viviane Frehner (AUS), Zachary Chant/Denislav Kanev (DE)


About the festival

Dance on screen is the first videodance festival that is created in Graz, in Austria.

It is an international dance film festival and includes a range of short films that celebrate the immediacy of dance combined with the intimacy of the camera’s eyes: short films, shown through movement.

Videodance got an universal language, since it is not only combined with a given tongue, but with a visual and more immediate emotional impact. There is a huge diversity making a product of short-dance-film, that has something to do both with the way to film a choreography and the way to create a choreography for the film.

The same concept of choreography becomes much wider: choreography is generated by filmed movements, but also by the movement of the camera, by the cutting, by the rhythm of the images, or by the colors or the landscapes.

Dance on screen wants to show this variety, looking for short-dance-films that manifest their own artistic aesthetics and are engaged in that breadth of strategy of creating choreography.
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DANCE ON SCREEN on TOUR: „Screendance Landscapes – due giorni su danza e schermo“ – Venezia

Valentina Moar is invited as curator of Dance on Screen to take part of SCREENDANCE LANDSCAPES – due giorni su danza e schermo organized by VeNe (IT) and future mellon (UK), in Venice at IUAV (University of architecture and visual art) on 17th April 2018.

The event consists of two days of symposium, roundtable and screenings.

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DANCE ON SCREEN on TOUR: Teatro San Materno – Ascona – CH

Dance on Screen is invited in Switzerland: the artistic director of Teatro San Materno, Tiziana Arnaboldi, invited Valentina Moar for one day screening.

Dance on Screen presents 9 films from its 2017 edition in this the beautiful original Bauhaus style cosy theater on Sonntag 26th November 2017.

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DANCE ON SCREEN on TOUR: 21.Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart

Dance on Screen is invited to the 21. Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival in Stuttgart.

Valentina Moar, artistic director of Dance on Screen, presents 7 films from the second edition of and one film from the first edition of Dance on Screen:

Vinicius Cardoso – Crushing weight
Justine Berthillot & Frédéri Vernier – Sur ton dos
Aliki Chiotaki – 60 pulses
Filomena Rusciano – Liquid path
Valentina Moar – DanceMe Reininghaus
Stella Fotiadi – Whispers and wishes
Galen Bremer – Know you
Natalia Sardi – Vecinas

Dance on Screen will be presented the last day of the festival, after the showing of the finalists‘ solos and before the jury awards delivery.

Sunday 19th March 2017, from 5pm
Treffpunkt, Rotebühlplatz 28, Stuttgart


DANCE ON SCREEN Award (2nd Ed. 2017)

„Which is the criterion to vote for a ‚best film‘, when there are no other specific branches?…
My only question to think about it is: which is a ‚better‘ film? The one that is perfectly technically made, where all the parts that compose the film are in the best symbiosis? Or the one that has maybe mistakes, that is not really ‚proper‘, but that you remember its images for a very long time?…“
(Valentina Moar, artistic director of DanceOnScreen)

The jury of the first Dance on Screen Award has been represented by the choreographer, dancer and ballet master Sarah Taylor (AUS), by the film-director Giuseppe Domingo Romano (IT) and by the dancer, choreographer and regisseur Hallgrim Hansegård (NOR).


SUR TON DOS by Justine Berthillot&Frédéri Vernier – FR

photo: Philippe Ariagno



The „Dance on Screen Award“ for the „best film“ is been sponsored by the production house EXCEPT from Milano.