SENESCENE is a real-time generative visualization for dance performance in cooperation with the Rhine-Waal University Of Applied Sciences / Kamp-Lintfort (GER) using Motion Capture Technology.

Visual arts & MoCap: Doaa Darwish
Visual arts supervisor. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ido Iurgel
Choreography: Valentina Moar
Dance: Lihito Kamiya

“Nowadays,the most common way to incorporate visuals in any dance performance usually would be designing a per-rendered moving images that were done specifically for a fixed choreography or vice versa by creating a choreography for certain visuals,which usually project on the background while the dancers performing their choreography.
However, the use of digital media in performing art which the of it is to express and evokes emotions can overlay an cyber feeling on the whole performance,espcially with those per-rendered visual where everything is design and calculated.
‘Senescence’ aims to explore new more options out the previous paradigms in interactive visualization in performing art, humanizing the digital aspects and emphasizing the “live” aspects in those type of performances”, Doaa Darwish 2017

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