NIEMANDSLÄNDER [No man’s Land] – Valentina Moar + Howool Baek – 11./12. November in Graz


Austrian Premiere

An international co-production of Valentina Moar, Howool Baek & Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf

Painful cut. Foreign body. Monotony. Farewell. Resignation. Rejected age. Outlandish body. No status. No State. Two choreographers, two different cities, Berlin, Graz, without meeting each other in person, getting to know each other and communicating only through the internet about one topic in common: “Niemandsländer [No Man’s Land]” inspired Valentina Moar (IT/AT) and Howool Baek (KR/DE) to create their dance solos.

Abschied von Zuhause [Farewell from home]
Concept, choreography and dance: Valentina Moar
Choreography assistant: Marco Schretter
Set design: Valentina Moar
Light design: Marco Schretter
Portait Photography: Andrea Piovesan
Costume: Annemarie Woldt

Foreign body_solo
Choreography and dance: Howool Baek
Composition & Live music : Matthias Erian
Light design: Hendrik Haupt

Niemandsländer will be accompanied by a videoinstallation of Francesco Collavino/Ba.Bau.Corp focusing on the hunt along paradox borders between geographic, political and social places. Only through the music of the contrabass player Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka those ‘no man’s lands’ can end up in an utopian dream.

„Niemandsländer“ is supported by Stadt Graz Kultur – Land Steiermark Kultur, Europa und Außenbeziehungen – Arts Council Korea – Korean Culture Center Berlin

11th and 12th November 2016 – 8pm
Theater am Lend, Wienerstraße 58a, Graz (AT)
Tickets & Info:

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