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DANCE ON SCREEN Festival (2nd Ed. 2017)

Graphics: LucaMorganti( – Photo: Philippe Ariagno

Graphics: Luca Morganti – Photo: Philippe Ariagno


DANCE ON SCREEN in its second edition presents dance short-films made by artists from all over the world, that highlight the immediacy of the dance and the movement through the intimacy of the eye’s camera.

Through an international call, the festival selected 17 films from artists coming from 12 different countries and 4 continents: Italy, Norway, Austria, Greece, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, Usa, Philippines.


Press review: “Niemandsländer” (no man’s land) in Graz


NIEMANDSLÄNDER [No man’s Land] – Valentina Moar + Howool Baek – 11./12. November in Graz


Austrian Premiere

An international co-production of Valentina Moar, Howool Baek & Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf

Painful cut. Foreign body. Monotony. Farewell. Resignation. Rejected age. Outlandish body. No status. No State. Two choreographers, two different cities, Berlin, Graz, without meeting each other in person, getting to know each other and communicating only through the internet about one topic in common: “Niemandsländer [No Man’s Land]” inspired Valentina Moar (IT/AT) and Howool Baek (KR/DE) to create their dance solos. Continue Reading →



Valentina Moar – Choreographer/Dancer @ Rebody

Rebody (2010) by Gerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab und David Pirrò is a video and an installation piece in which the captured motion of a dancer is transformed into a dynamic drawing that informs a musical composition. Continue Reading →


Niemandsländer (no man’s land)

NIEMANDSLÄNDER – solo (2016)


photo: Ralf Puder

Concept, choreography and dance: Valentina Moar

Outside eyes: Marco Schretter

Set design: Valentina Moar

Light design: Marco Schretter

Portraitphoto: Andrea Piovesan

Costume: Annemarie Woldt

world premiere in July 2016 at Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf, Germany

co-production with Asphalt Festival

supported by Stadt Graz Kultur and Land Steiermark Kultur, Europa und Aussenbeziehungen Continue Reading →


Niemandsländer – ASPHALT Festival 2016

Three contemporary dance solos by
Howool Baek – Valentina Moar – Laia Sanmartin

Weltkunstzimmer/Glashalle/Alten Farbewerken, Düsseldorf (GE)
Fr 08.07.2016 20:00
Mo 11.07.2016 20:00
Di 12.07.2016 20:00




For ASPHALT 2016 three international dancers and choreographers, Valentina Moar, Howool Baek, Laia Sanmartin, created three solos on the theme of the festival: Niemandsländer, No man’s land.
ASPHALT tanzt! takes place in three different places in the heart of the festival – Weltkunstzimmer and Alten Farbwerken – and the audience will be guided through the festival area.


A production of Howool Baek, Valentina Moar and Laia Sanmartin in Cooproduction with ASPHALT Festival 2016, supported by Stadt Graz and the Koreanischen Kulturinstitut.

Photos (c): (1) Laia Sanmartin, (2) Howool Baek, (3) Werner Kmetitsch